The Ultimate guide to buying Brazilian Virgin Hair Extensions

Over the past few years, we have seen a dramatic rise in demand for Brazilian hair weave in the United States and all over the all world. This rise in demand is due to multiple factors; which we will further discuss. Five or six years ago, the craze in the hair weave industry was Indian hair, but in the last three years, Brazilian hair has been dominating the market especially in the US; but like anything high rise in demand always comes with consequences, especially counterfeit products. Many customers have been duped by companies claiming to sell Brazilian hair extensions only to find out that they have bought fake extensions. In this article we will be discussing the benefit of Brazilian hair and the many pitfalls that arise when you are deciding to make a purchase.

The Origins of Brazilian Weave

Most people believe or assume that when people refer to Brazilian hair; it automatically means that the hair is originating from Brazil. Technically that is correct, but we live in the real world, things are not always what they should be. Approximately 80% of the hair sold under the Brazilian hair brand is not; because of its popularity, most companies use the name just to make a quick buck.

Virgin human hair, which Brazilian hair is a type of, is real human hair obtained thru purchase or donation from actual person. Most of the hair is usually thru purchase during hair auctions, where large companies mostly based in China and Indian, buy hair by the tons, then ship to their factories for processing. Caution what Iím about to say may not the most popular thing but itís the harsh true. 99% of all the hair extensions out there are either from China or India. Companies may claim that there hair is from a different source, but they are misleading customers. One thing, I need to mention is that the hair may actually be originally from Brazil, but as previously mentioned most of the factory are based in India and China. Well that weíve got that out of the way, letís discuss why Brazilian Hair is so popular nowadays.

Itís all about Texture, Feel, Flexibility and Longevity of the hair.

Brazilian hair has one of the best textures as far as virgin hair extensions, which makes it so popular among women. The hair feels so natural to the touch, that you can hardly tell that itís hair extensions. It is completely different from synthetic hair, which obviously is not real hair. Compared to natural hair extensions, like Malaysian and Peruvian hair, has the most natural feel, it is neither too soft nor to rough, which makes it so attractive. The hair texture gives it most of its attractiveness, because it can blend in with different hair types. Both African Americans and Caucasian women can easily wear it without noticing any differences from their natural hair. Another benefit of Brazilian hair is its flexibility, which allows it to be styled in many different ways, colored or dyed, and even reusable. The hair can be worn straight, wavy and curly, but these are not the only styles available, there are hundreds of other styles, only your imagination and creativity are your limits.

One more benefit of Brazilian hair is its longevity. Compared to the other of type of hair, Brazilian weave last the longest and can endure the most strain, whether it is from hot iron or coloring the hair. On average, 100% virgin Brazilian hair should last a minimum of 9 months, which makes it a great investment for people that constantly wear weave.

The Styles

As previously mentioned there 3 main styles for Brazilian hair, which are straight, wavy and curly. Most people prefer the wavy styles because it allows them to have the most diverse look. The wavy hair can be straighten or curled; therefore you are getting the best of both worlds. But the wavy style itself comes in many forms, including deep wave, body wave, and ocean wave, just to list a few. The body wave Brazilian for example looks the shape of a snake moving on the ground and on the other hand the wavy looks like a loose spiral from top to bottom.

The straight style is pretty simple just straight hair, but donít let its simplicity fool you, it is still extremely beautiful. The curly looks more like a tight curl, but in groups of multiple strands. For example if you a bundle of curly Brazilian hair, you would have multiple groups of curly strands, as if you had multiple roots coming out of a tree.

Taking care of your hair extensions

Wavy brazilian hair extension

As with any virgin human hair products, it is always recommend to use chemical and acid-free products to avoid damaging. If you need to wash your hair, always make sure you are using a product that is 100% natural; doing this, will allow your hair to last to its maximum time and the same time keep its beauty. Also following these simple steps, will keep your hair in great shape. Regularly brush your hair, shampoo and condition with natural products, always air dry your hair or if you need to use a blow dryer make sure itís on the lowest heat setting, do not use hair spray or gel. This article discussed many topics regarding Brazilian hair, even though we didnít get a chance to cover everything in great details, I believe this should give you enough information, which will allow you to make an educated decision when deciding to purchase hair.

You can check out this video to get more information.